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Saving Accounts, CDs and IRAs

Save for a Rainy Day, Personal Goal or Retirement with Bank of Louisiana

Saving money is a skill that serves you well throughout life. It also helps you plan and be prepared for whatever the future brings. At Bank of Louisiana, we make saving easy with a variety of savings accounts, CDs and IRA options to choose from.

Savings Account Options

If you’re going to save money well, you need the right savings account. Our Regular Savings account gives your money a safe place to grow and is easily accessible should you need it at a moment’s notice. If you find yourself scrambling for cash during the holidays, our Christmas Club account helps you save year-round.

  • Regular Savings Account
    • $50 to open
    • Earns interest on balance
    • 6 withdrawals per month
    • Fee of $0.25 for every withdrawal you make over the 6 free withdrawals per month
    • Six (6) preauthorized transfers per monthly statement cycle
    • Fee of $3/month if the account balance falls below $50.00
  • Christmas Club Savings Account
    • $5 to open
    • An easy way to save throughout the year for holiday costs
    • Interest is added to your account balance on the last day of the activity period
    • Your check is mailed to you for the entire balance of the account in the third week of October

CDs- A Secure Way to Grow Your Money Over Time

Looking for a safe and dependable way to increase your wealth? A certificate of deposit, or CD, from Bank of Louisiana offers the security you are looking for. CDs at Bank of Louisiana:

  • Offer great rates that provide a great return on your initial deposit
  • Come in terms of three months to 60 months
  • Require a minimum deposit of between $500 and $2,500
  • Are safe, as they are FDIC insured

You can contact Bank of Louisiana for the latest rates and for more information about our CD options. 


Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)- Save Now for a Better Retirement

“Will I outlive my money in retirement? How do I even start saving for retirement?”

An IRA from Bank of Louisiana is great place to start when planning for retirement. We offer a variety of retirement accounts such as Traditional and Roth IRAs, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRAs and Education/Coverdell IRAs. When you contribute to your IRA, you allow compound interest to take effect so that you have a good-size nest egg waiting for you in retirement.

Certain tax implications apply for each type of IRA, so consult your tax advisor about any tax-related questions. You can contact a Customer Service Representative at Bank of Louisiana for more information regarding IRAs.

Start Saving with Bank of Louisiana Today

The best time to start saving for the future is now! Come by our Main Bank or West Branch offices in Louisiana to open your savings account, CD or IRA with us today.