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Remote Deposit Capture

Spend Time at Your Business Instead of at the Bank

If you’ve found yourself having to run to the bank multiple times every day to make a deposit for your business, you know it takes time. Bank of Louisiana wants to give that time back to you and allow you to spend more time at your business so you can help it continue to grow. With Remote Deposit Capture, you can deposit funds directly into your accounts from your own office.

Make Electronic Deposits

Using a scanner to scan checks to make sure they are endorsed and amounts verified, the check’s details become a digital image that is electronically deposited. This allows you to scan multiple checks and make deposits less often. As long as the deposit is completed before 3:30 p.m., the funds will be available for use on the next business day.

All the data from your deposit is sent to your computer so you can verify any transactions at any time. If there is any information missing from the check, you are notified before it is sent in an encrypted file to be posted to your account.

Get Remote Deposit Capture for Your Business

If you want to spend more time running your business instead of making runs to the bank several times a day, call Bank of Louisiana’s Main Bank at (573) 754-5517 and ask to speak with Kim Boston, Merchant Capture Representative.