Merchant Card Processing

Local Processing for Card Transactions

If you own your own business, Bank of Louisiana knows it’s important to provide personalized support at all times. Thanks to a partnership with Community Bankers Merchant Services, Bank of Louisiana offers a local processor for credit and debit card transactions at your business with low processing rates and quality customer service.

How Merchant Card Processing Helps Your Business

  1. Locally available customer service 24/7
  2. All forms of payment can be processed—whether the payment is from a credit card, debit card, EBT cards, guaranteed checks, gift cards, loyalty cards or Voyager Fleet Cards, the payment can be processed
  3. Processing complies with PCI Security Standards Council guidelines
  4. No fees for conversions or equipment programming
  5. Access to all equipment and supplies needed for transaction processing
  6. You choose how you want your transactions processed—You can have transactions processed over the phone, with a wireless terminal, from your personal computer, from electronic point-of-sale software, through an e-commerce website on the Internet or from a mobile web device.

Get Started with Merchant Card Processing Today

To start utilizing Bank of Louisiana’s Merchant Card Processing, or if you’re interested in the ability to accept credit and debit cards at your business, call (573) 754-5517 to speak with Jacob Thompson.