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Business Deposit Accounts

Business Savings and Checking For Your Needs

Bank of Louisiana doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to business banking. We know you’re business has its own set of needs. That’s why we offer a variety of savings accounts and checking accounts to let you find the best option to fit your specific needs.

Business Checking Accounts

You may be looking for a standard account that gives you as much access to your funds as you need, or you may be looking to limit your access so you can earn more with a higher interest rate. Whatever your desire, Bank of Louisiana offers a business checking account to suit your business.

Business Checking Account

Our standard checking account can be opened for as little as $100. You’ll be able to make as many transactions and transfers as you need to give your business a strong cash flow. Simply maintain a minimum balance of $300 to avoid a $3 monthly charge.

Business Money Market Account

Using a business money market account from Bank of Louisiana will allow you to earn a higher interest rate while giving you a limited access to your funds. You’ll need $2,500 to open your account and keep your balance above $1,000 to make sure you keep receiving interest payments. You will be allowed six (6) transfers or withdrawals during each statement period. You’ll be charged a $5 fee for every check over the allowed six (6) transactions.

Images of checks from the statement period will be printed on each statement you receive for any of the business checking accounts offered by Bank of Louisiana. To open a checking account for your business, stop in at one of our locations in Louisiana.

Business Savings Accounts

There are benefits that come with limiting access to your business’ funds. A business savings account from Bank of Louisiana allows you 6 withdrawals per month before you start to incur a $0.25 fee per withdrawal. This encourages you to allow your money to grow with a higher interest rate. A savings account is a great place to save your money for expansion or upgrades at your business while doubling as a safety net should you face an unexpected expense.

How A Business Savings Account Helps You

  • You’ll be able to open an account for just $50
  • Your account will earn interest
  • You can make 6 withdrawals on your account per month without incurring any fees
  • Fee of $3/month if the account balance falls below $50.00

What to Consider With a Business Savings Account

  • There is a $0.25 fee for every withdrawal you make over the 6 free withdrawals per month
  • You’re allowed six (6) preauthorized transfers on your account each month. Your account will be subject to closure if you go over this limit.

Find the Savings or Checking Account For Your Business

To open a business deposit account or find out more about our business checking and savings options, come to your nearest Bank of Louisiana branch.