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Wifi Woes: The Most Common Ways Hackers Access Your Information

Home Blog Wifi Woes: The Most Common Ways Hackers Access Your Information

Wifi Woes: The Most Common Ways Hackers Access Your Information

The value of the internet for both personal and business use continues to multiply year after year. While wifi began as an exciting new way to experience the World Wide Web, it is now a crucial element to the connectivity of today. Whether you’re on the go or surfing from home, Bank of Louisiana recommends these security tips to help keep you safe while using personal and public wifi.


Only access public pages when using shared wifi.

Free wifi is a great perk when you’re at a local cafe or library, however, it does have some vulnerabilities as well. We suggest sticking with news or information-based sites when connecting through public wifi. While the potential of someone accessing your information through wifi isn’t common, it is possible. By steering clear of private social accounts and other personal information portals, you can maintain your financial security and avoid unnecessary risks.


Turn your phone’s wifi off when not in use.

While you’re out and about, your phone is quietly searching in the background for both secure and unsecure networks to connect to. In order to keep your personal device safe from unprotected wifi, it’s best to turn your wifi setting off while you are not actively using it. This tip can help save your phone’s battery too!


Password protect your home’s hotspot.

When setting up your router, modem, and wifi, be sure to install various security measures along the way. Creating a secure and lengthy password for your router and wifi will ensure that no one can change your settings but you. Remember not to use birthdays, family member names, or pet names for any of your passwords. These are easily and frequently guessed by unfriendly hackers.


Have a guest network at home.

Entertaining others is one of the joys of having a home. Whether it’s family staying for the holidays, or friends joining for dinner, hosting others does come with its own list of duties. To help safeguard your online usage against well-meaning visitors, we recommend setting up a specific wifi channel just for your home’s guests. This will ensure that your internet connection goes uninterrupted during extended use by both friends and family.


Be sure to check back with us each month for more cyber security tips and tricks. Remember, if you think your personal information has been compromised, contact Bank of Louisiana right away!


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