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Ways to Rack in Some Extra Money in Time for Christmas

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Ways to Rack in Some Extra Money in Time for Christmas

The holidays often sneak up faster than expected along with the many Christmas gift purchases. This year, go easy on your wallet by making extra income to set aside just for gifts. Life is always busy, but with some hard work and dedication there’s always time to make a little extra cash. Continue reading for some money-making ideas! 

De-clutter and Sell 

Odds are, there are countless items in your house that either don’t get used enough or aren’t necessary. Now’s a great time to go through your belongings, organize and make a pile of things you can get rid of. Rather than throwing them out, sell your belongings on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or other online platforms. Many secondhand businesses will buy your items to re-sell in their store, or you could even have your own garage sale. This is the perfect way to deep clean and de-clutter your house, all while making some extra money! 

Online Surveys 

While this option won’t get you hundreds in a week, it’s still a great habit to start to earn some extra money down the road. Many websites and applications, like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, allow you to earn cash and rewards by simply answering questions and sharing your thoughts. Make it a habit to spend 10 minutes taking surveys every day and watch your rewards grow! 

Start a Side Gig 

Today’s technology allows people anywhere to find side gigs in the click of a button. Whether you enjoy cleaning, are good at lawncare, like pet sitting or more, there’s a person out there who would hire you. This is also great because temporary jobs like this can be done over the weekends to avoid interfering with your full-time position. Plus, you can make this a one month or yearlong deal depending on your preference, so your schedule is completely in your hands. 

Find a Seasonal Job 

The holiday season is primetime for finding a temporary, simple part-time job. As stores get busier, you can often find a job in retail if that’s what you’re interested in. Other seasonal jobs include working at a pumpkin patch, haunted house or Christmas tree shop!

Save All Year 

Rather than waiting until the last minute to save some extra cash, make a lifestyle change and save throughout the year from now on. Open a Christmas Club account and set aside money from every paycheck, even if it’s a small amount. Once the holiday shopping rolls around, you’ll be thankful for the amount you set aside and you won’t have to worry about dipping into savings for the future. 

While part-time jobs and reorganizing your belongings is time-consuming, the extra money made for Christmas shopping will be well worth the work. We hope this holiday season is full of joy, friends, family and lots of savings. Contact Bank of Louisiana to learn more about our services or to open a Christmas Club account today, and happy holidays! 


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