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Tips to Keep Your Cash Safe Online & In Stores

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Tips to Keep Your Cash Safe Online & In Stores

The holidays have hit, which means criminals are out and about looking to steal whatever information they can. Retail fraud attempts increased by 30% during the holidays in 2017. Being extra aware this season will help you keep your money safe, online and in stores, by using some of these simple tips!

Use Your Chip Card

Cards have upgraded to now have an EMV chip included in them. This offers an extra layer of security, as the card generates a one-time code for the transaction. If your card information is stolen, a thief can’t use that specific code to buy anything else so it prevents further losses.

Watch Your Surroundings

It’s very important during the holidays to think about protecting yourself, and not just your finances. Be alert when walking to your vehicle and don’t let strangers help you hold your bags, purse, phone or wallet. Make sure when you shop that you put your bags in your trunk and lock the car. This helps you lessen the chance of someone breaking in to steal your items if they can’t see them.

Update Your Computer

You will be doing plenty of online shopping, which means you’re entering your information over and over on different sites. It’s important to make sure you’re installing all updates, so your computer has less of a chance at getting a virus or malware. Keep your system operating smoothly by adding anti-virus software and setting all updates to be automatic.

Turn On Alerts

Many cards and accounts have alerts that will text and email you if a certain spending cap is hit. Set this up, so you can be notified of any purchases you didn’t make. Then you can cancel your card before it’s too late!

Check Your Statements

You can easily check your statements to make sure there is no unwanted activity, as well as look at your online account to see if any strange purchases have been made. You can also check your credit report, so you can report anything suspicious right away.

Avoid Pop-Ups

There will be plenty of crazy deals around this time popping up on blogs and sites. Don’t respond, click on the links or call the phone numbers. It’s better to be safe than sorry during these times. You can, however, click the links on trusted sources that garner the ‘s’ in ‘https://’ on a URL.

Lighten Your Wallet

Take out extra cash and cards - anything that you truly don’t need. This will keep your funds safer while you shop. Thieves are very good at taking anything they see as an opportunity, especially when shoppers are distracted trying to find the best prices in the store.

With these great tips, you’ll be able to keep your money safe in stores and online this holiday season. We also offer safe and secure online and mobile banking - here you’ll be able to check your finances to be sure everything is as it should be!


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