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The Top Tools to Keep Your Identity Secure

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The Top Tools to Keep Your Identity Secure

Do you know the last time you thought twice about linking an account to your Facebook page? How about the last occasion you created a brand new password that has never been used before? If you’re like most Americans, the sheer number of online accounts you possess could surprise you.


While ideally, each account has a separate username and password, many times users find themselves repeating similar combinations or alterations to reduce the likelihood of error. In the world of cyber security, the vast amount of variations and potential issues seems to grow exponentially. To help combat these issues, Bank of Louisiana would like to share our top recommendations to safeguard your personal information and keep your online data secure.


Passwords Apps: There are a large variety of apps available to help you keep track of your ongoing list of usernames and passwords. With this app, the only password you have to remember is the one for the app itself! By far our favorite is LastPass, which allows you to test the strength of your passwords and automatically update combinations which have been compromised.  


Issuer Provided Credit Scores: Instead of going through external sites to determine your credit score, why not use a service you already have? Surprisingly, many credit card companies are now making FICO and VantageScore more readily available for their customers. Companies like Discover and Capital One are taking it one step further by offering their credit monitoring service FREE of charge for non-customers too! We recommend taking advantage of these helpful insights to continue monitoring your score and watch for potential red flags throughout the year.


Designated Online Credit Card: Because credit cards offer a zero liability guarantee against identity theft, we suggest making your online purchases using a credit card instead of a debit card. While many people utilize more than one credit card for their online purchases, we believe limiting yourself to one credit card is the most efficient method for transactions. This way, should your card become compromised, you still have other payment options to use while the affected card is being processed.


Personal Hotspot: While you’re out and about, restaurants and other businesses may offer free wifi for customers. These free access points can be helpful in a pinch, but can often become potential targets for nearby cyber criminals. Avoid these traps, and stick to your own personal wifi wherever you go with the use of a personal hotspot. Available at most cellular retailers, this LTE-based connection can help you access the internet on the go without giving up your personal security.


Email Filters: One of the most common cyber security scams is phishing. This email-based lure typically tempts email recipients to open an attachment or click on a link in a spam filled email. This then allows the cybercriminal to access information, and potentially the computer itself. To help prevent this devastating event, we suggest implementing email filters by limiting your acceptable recipients to those only matching your company domain, and a list of predetermined outside contacts. Using filtering software, you can then scan any emails outside of this approved list for potential malware and un-friendly links.


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