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The Savings of Bicycle Commuting and Why You Should Try It

Home Blog The Savings of Bicycle Commuting and Why You Should Try It


Many people realize that biking to work is better for the environment and healthier. You cut down on pollution, get some sunshine and trim your waistline with cycling. However, did you realize that ditching your car on the daily commute has the ability to bring you great savings? As of 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the average person spent $9,000 a year on transportation costs.

When people first start thinking of cutting their costs, transportation isn’t typically first on the list. This is partially due to the fact that many see it as a necessity that simply cannot be bargained. We are here to challenge this notion and potentially put some money back in your pocket for retirement or a great vacation!


Many auto insurance companies will give you a discount for putting low mileage on your vehicle. You won’t be driving the car as much, so you are less of a risk to the company. Everyone would love to spend less on insurance, right?


General auto maintenance can cost an average of $4k a year, which is significantly higher than a bike at $308 per year. While using a bike as a daily commuter, you are going to want to be sure to invest in appropriate safety gear. This is nominal compared to a vehicle. You will have less wear and tear on your vehicle, making it easier to sell for a higher price should you choose to do so.


You should slowly diminish your reliance on gas. Who wouldn’t like that? You fuel your bike from the energy you get from food, with many miles more than what your car can get off of 1 gallon of gas.

A Better Employee

Adding exercise into your daily routine can not only eliminate your need for a gym membership, but make you better at your job! People who exercise before work or at lunch have improved time management, motivation and a decrease in stress. Not to mention the added benefit to your employer of less parking space needed.

Consider these benefits as the weather improves and try commuting by bike to work! Maybe cutting back on your transportation costs is exactly what your budget needs!

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