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The Dos and Don’ts to Saving for the Holidays

Home Blog The Dos and Don’ts to Saving for the Holidays

The Dos and Don’ts to Saving for the Holidays

Making the holidays happen is no easy feat. When you add up the costs for food, presents, decorations, and more, youre faced with a mountain of expenses come December. To help you plan for next years celebration, the Bank of Louisiana offers these coveted savings tips:



DO: Start saving as soon as the holidays are over.

DONT: Procrastinate saving until December.


In order to save year round, we recommend opening a separate savings account just for the holidays. From this, you can set-up automatic transfers from another account to ensure you deposit a specific dollar amount each month. Saving $50-100 per month may not make a huge impact on your household budget, but come December, youll have the funds you need without having to go into debt.



DO: Make a budget JUST for the holidays.

DONT: Shop without a list.


While finding the perfect gift is a struggle all in its own, deciding how to spend your holiday savings should be the first step on your December agenda. By not only segmenting the budget into food, gifts, decorations, and extra utilities, you should also define the amount you want to spend on each persons gifts. This action helps you to formulate your ideal budget, and ensures spending is equal across children and relatives.



DO: Shop online for deals.

DONT: Use your debit card.


Many online vendors offer exceptional offers or free shipping during the holidays. If you have an opportunity to save time or money by purchasing items through these offers, all the better! However, be sure when making transactions online, that you only use one credit card instead of your debit card. This helps to safeguard your finances, as credit cards typically offer a zero liability promise. This ensures that, should your card become compromised, you are not held liable for any fraudulent charges. Additionally, by keeping all your expenditures on one card you can track your spending better, and build a great deal of rewards to use for additional gifts or perhaps a spring getaway!



Be safe this shopping season as you peruse the online shelves. If you have any additional questions on cyber security or credit cards, dont hesitate to ask! Wed love to help answer any inquiries you have throughout the season.


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