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The DOS and DON’TS of Mobile Check Deposit

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The DOS and DON’TS of Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile check deposit, also known as remote deposit capture, is a growing service among community banks nationwide. At Bank of Louisiana we want our customers to have all the benefits of the newest financial technology, and all the convenience that comes with it! As you begin to work with this new mobile banking feature, be sure to keep an eye on these key DO’s and DON’Ts to depositing your funds.


DO: Endorse your checks before using mobile check deposit.

DON’T: Sign someone else’s name on the back of a check destined for your account.


Just like a normal deposit, if the check is written out to you specifically, than you need to sign it. If you come across a check that is written to another family member with a separate account, then they are the designated signer in order for that to comply with their mobile check deposit application.


DO: Deposit checks while you’re out and about during the day.

DON’T: Write a check to yourself to transfer funds between accounts.


Keep your money management simple by utilizing the various functions within in your mobile banking products. With the mobile check deposit you can deposit checks from anywhere while you’re on the go, and with our mobile banking app you can transfer funds quickly and easily from one account to another.


DO: Write “VOID,” and shred the check once it has been fully processed through mobile check deposit and is visible in your online banking account.

DON’T: Destroy a check that has not fully cleared or appeared in your online banking account.


The last thing you want to do is dispose of a check before depositing the funds it holds. After capturing of the images of both sides of the check, and completing the mobile check deposit process, hold onto the check in a safe place until you see it within your online banking balance. Once it has fully processed write “VOID,” in large letters and shred the check.


Download our free mobile banking app to get started managing your money easier today! Within the app you will find our easy-to-use mobile check deposit along with many other features to help you arrange your personal finances hassle-free. If you have any questions on mobile check deposit don’t be afraid to drop us a line or stop by!