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The Best Apps to Help Manage Your Money

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The Best Apps to Help Manage Your Money

Keeping your personal finances is sometimes easier said than done. If youre looking to grow your money management skills, these apps may be able to help. At Bank of Louisiana we recommend the following tools to help you grow your personal finances this season:



Mint - This app is connected to all of your spending. Whether thats through your bank, your credit cards, or more, this service helps you see where every penny is going! With a vital function of segmenting your spending, this financial app can show you what categories youre spending most in, and help you to create a budget that makes the most sense for your lifestyle.


Mvelopes - A new twist on a classic budgeting tool, this app creates a digital version of the time-test envelope budget. By categorizing each of your spending areas into envelopes, you can then attach a dollar amount to each one. Once its empty, theres no more spending to be done. This helps to prevent overspending, and enables you to determine how much you want to spend in each area month-to-month.


Concur - Focusing on the expenses portion of business, this helpful app allows users to track receipts, purchases, and other transactions on behalf of a business. Using photos to capture receipts, this app helps employees draft specific expense records for corporate approval or personal use.


Credit Card App - Each credit card has a slightly different version of this app, however, we recommend downloading the designated app for all the cards you consistently use. Typically, the apps come equipped with a dashboard that allows you to see your transaction history, make payments, and check your rewards if applicable. Increasingly, these apps also offer the capability to check your credit score as it changes approximately each month.


Mobile Banking - At Bank of Louisiana, we not only offer Online Banking, but Mobile Banking as well. In our easy-to-use app, users can see transaction history, make transfers, or even remotely deposit checks. If youd like to get started with our user friendly app, CLICK HERE.



If you have questions on how to use Online Banking, Mobile Banking, or our NEW Mobile Check Deposit, stop in and speak with one of our experienced financial professionals today.



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