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Spring Break Saving Hacks

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Spring Break Saving Hacks

Put those dreary winter days out of your mind while you begin planning for a wonderful spring vacation! Vacations don’t have to be for the extremely wealthy. You can have a great getaway this spring by busting out these savings hacks like a travel expert. 

Make a Plan

The planning part of a vacation can be half the fun! You may have a location spot in mind, but use the planning time to consider closer alternatives that can be just as beautiful and relaxing. Last minute decisions can end up breaking the bank. Put time in researching flights, car rentals, vacation rentals and excursions. Planning ahead might even mean you put some reserve money aside for emergencies that can occur while you’re away from home. This could mean travel insurance for you.

Ditch the Checked Bag

Most spring vacations are only a week long. It might seem impossible to some, but you don’t need a checked bag for a week’s stay. Pack simple. Even if you forget something or feel like you’re missing an item more than you thought you would, you can usually go to a local shop to get basic items. 

Put on Your Chef Hat

When scouting out places to vacation, consider finding a place with a kitchen! You can save a lot on your overall budget by doing this. You don’t have to cook every meal at your lodging, but even two basic meals a day can make a world of difference. Make it fun by scouting out local items you may not have back home. Maybe choose one meal a day where you will splurge and explore the area for a night out on the town. 

Ask Locals

Search social media groups for information about your destination. Often you can ask for recommendations to their favorite hang outs that are likely off the beaten path. Usually the very touristy places are overrated!

Travel with Friends

Traveling with buddies can make the trip more enjoyable and more cost efficient. Your stay and rental car costs could be split down the middle. 


We understand that staying home probably isn’t what you had in mind when it comes to spring break. Don’t shoot the idea down just yet. Staying home doesn’t mean you revert to your typical activities. Go out and be a tourist in your own hometown! Take a local art class or try out that new restaurant you’ve been hearing such good things about. Use the money that you save towards an exciting destination next year!

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