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Saving Until Spring: Rejuvenating and Renovating Your Home

Home Blog Saving Until Spring: Rejuvenating and Renovating Your Home

Saving Until Spring: Rejuvenating and Renovating Your Home

Spring is just around the corner, and so is realty season! Before you place your home on the market, see how you can add great value to your house with only $1,000 in key updates! To help you first save the funds necessary for these exciting renovations, Bank of Louisiana recommends the following steps:


  1. Cut Dining Out ($200/mo) Instead of venturing to a neighborhood restaurant once or twice a week, reserve those dollars for your home’s equity, and use these affordable recipes to stay in instead.
  2. Maximize Your Crockpot ($150/mo) You would be surprised how much you can save simply by changing what types of recipes you cook! With many of these delicious dinners, you can not only save time but money too!
  3. Cut Cable. ($50/mo) For most Americans, cable can cost upwards of $75/month. Removing cable from your monthly expenses can create valuable space in your budget, and streaming options such as Netflix and Hulu can ensure you and your family still have great entertainment.
  4. Freeze Excess Spending ($100/mo) Enjoying the occasional splurges of a latte, magazine, or DVD rental can be delightful, but when you’re seriously saving, it may be time for a temporary break.


While every house and every neighborhood boast its own personality, there is one thing that remains consistent across all home sales. Buyers continuously look to two rooms more than others - the kitchen and the bathroom. By investing your budget into these two areas you have a higher probability of return through your home’s increased value. To help you attain this upgraded equity, Bank of Louisiana recommends these affordable updates:


$1,025 Kitchen Renovation

  • Update the cabinet fixtures. ($100)
  • Add a backsplash. ($150)
  • Purchase a new sink. ($250)
  • Buy laminate flooring. ($200)
  • Paint the walls. ($75)
  • Labor to install sink and floor. ($250)




$1,000 Bathroom Rejuvenation

  • New shower head and updated tile. ($450)
  • Purchase new toilet. ($250)
  • Buy contemporary vanity with sink. ($250)
  • Paint the walls. ($50)
  • DIY this project to save on labor costs.


If you’re ready to start saving for your upcoming renovations, Bank of Louisiana has the perfect solution for you! Stop in today and see which of our tailored saving solutions is right for you.


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