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Online Services Feature: Best Practices

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Online Services Feature: Best Practices

Whether you’re traveling to the first football game of the season, or curled up at home on your tablet; you can manage your finances from anywhere! With our digitally developed tools, Bank of Louisiana makes monitoring your accounts easier than ever. Between our convenient E-Statements, and Online Bill Pay your monthly budget balancing will be a breeze. Check out these incredible digital services, and see how they can help make your financial life hassle-free:


Online Banking: Keeping an accurate tab on all your transactions is one of the most proactive ways you can manage your finances! Check your account each day with ease using our convenient online banking. You can make transfers, re-order checks, and manage your funds all from the comfort of your computer.  

Mobile Banking: Not sure if your paycheck’s been deposited yet? Check your balance with mobile banking! No matter if you’re in the middle of shopping, or the middle of a road trip, you can quickly and accurately read your current and pending finances.

Text Banking: If you consider yourself forgetful, this service could help you keep better track of your monthly spending! With automated SMS messaging, you can receive your current bank balance direct on your phone, on a schedule fit for you. Learn how to get started with Text Banking here.

Online Bill Pay: Logging in to all the various sites, and setting your payments each month can be time consuming! Once you’re set-up with Online Banking you can enable Online Bill Pay to automate monthly payments to each of your desired companies in a routine you determine. Use that time paying bills for something more fun this month! 

E-Statements: Fill less file cabinets, and more digital folders! With our monthly E-Statements you can continue to keep an accurate record of your personal finances, without the clutter of paper statements. Select this helpful option when setting up your Online Banking for an easier and more convenient statement service!  

Get started using your favorite new digital tool today, and sign-up on our website! You’ll be managing your finances in no time, and all with the click of a button! If you have questions on how to navigate these tools, or are curious how to use them best, give us a call at (573) -754-5517  or stop by today!



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