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How To Protect Your Finances During Vacation

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How To Protect Your Finances During Vacation

Across the pond, there are so many new adventures, and exciting memories to be made. Keep your finances safe as you venture away on your next vacation, and stick to these top travel tips courtesy of Bank of Louisiana:

1.Pack Lightly

This is true with both your personal luggage AND your pocketbook. Carrying more than you need, or plan to use is just a waste of space! Instead of safeguarding all your cards and cash in your billfold, keep a good portion back in your hotel safe. This way if your billfold is lost or stolen, you have a backup plan to continue the trip and help you get home.

2.Call Your Bank and Credit Card Companies

If an issue should arise while you’re away, it helps your financial institutions to know where you are! By contacting these companies ahead of time, you can help to prevent false charges earlier, and gain additional help, without having to go through the red tape of information collecting.

3.Make a Safety Net

No matter how much you plan, vacations are notorious for last minute expenses! Between beach time snacks, added excursions, torn swimsuits, and more, adding some cushion in your vacation budget can help you stay above the red. Whatever your overall budget may be, allocate 10% of that to miscellaneous expenses throughout your getaway. If there is any surplus left upon the end of your trip, use it for one last day of fun, or save it towards your next adventure!

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