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Have You Thought About These Holiday Saving Hacks?

Home Blog Have You Thought About These Holiday Saving Hacks?

Have You Thought About These Holiday Saving Hacks?

It’s the holidays! As they come closer, you’ll want to be preparing your budget for the food and presents you’re buying. But, be careful not to overspend! Here are our top sanity-saving holiday hacks to follow.

Be Frugal Online

Use cashback apps like Ibotta and Ebates when you shop online for the holidays to save money and earn bonuses. There are also ways to earn free gift cards online when you take surveys, such as using a program like Swagbucks.

Simplify Your Giving

Don’t go all out and buy new clothes for everyone. Think of simple and sweet gifts, like a dessert platter full of your family member’s favorite sweet treats. You can also decide to do no gifts and just play a family giving game like White Elephant. Here’s an example of how some people play White Elephant

Use An App

You can use apps like ShopSavvy to do your comparison shopping. Just scan the item’s barcode with your phone, and the app will tell you if you can find that item for less at another store. You can also use your phone to download a budget app, as this will help you keep your spending for the holiday meals and gifts in check.

Save On Shipping

Chris Hogan, a personal finance expert, states, “The U.S. Postal Service offers flat-rate boxes in different sizes, so pack as much as you can into a box (within weight limits) and save on shipping. Or take advantage of free shipping offers when you buy online.”


We all have items piling up around the house that have never been worn or are collecting dust. They are perfectly good candidates to become gifts to those who would actually use them! Do some investigating and find those secret treasures you can re-gift this holiday season to save big.

Invest in Experiences

Instead of spending money on gifts and family get-togethers, talk about doing a trip or finding something fun close to home to experience. There are plenty of great adventures you can find for you and your family to do - without spending extra money on presents and meals.

Survive this holiday season with these tips and tricks! Staying within your budget means you need to keep a handle on your expenses, even during these times. Our savings account would be a great place to store some of that cash, so you don’t go spending it all at once!


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