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Donating on a Budget: Your Guide for Selfless Spending

Home Blog Donating on a Budget: Your Guide for Selfless Spending

Donating on a Budget: Your Guide for Selfless Spending

Believe it or not, giving back and donating doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Maybe you’re torn between two New Year's Resolutions: to save more money or to give back to those less fortunate. Good news – you can do both! Make 2021 extra special and try some of these ways you can donate without breaking the bank.  

1. Donate Blood/Plasma 

This is a win-win when it comes to donating while saving money. Donating plasma is actually a great way to add to your income as you usually make between $20-$50 each time you donate. Your blood donation can also help save someone’s life, and all it costs you is an hour or two of your time. 

2. Take Unneeded Items to Charity 

Rather than throwing your old items away or selling it online, consider donating it to your local charity or nonprofit. Not only are you giving back to those in need, but it’s a great way to declutter your home by getting rid of what you no longer use. This includes clothes, shoes, furniture, appliances, books and more. 

3. Start Your Own Fundraiser 

Facebook makes raising money for a charity simple with the option to create a fundraiser. By clicking the “Fundraisers” option in the menu bar and choosing “Raise Money,” you can set a goal amount and pick a nonprofit or charity to raise money for. Promote the fundraiser on your personal Facebook page, share it with your friends and family and try to reach your goal! 

4. Participate in Fun Runs 

If your New Year’s Resolution is to get in shape, lose weight or exercise more, this is a great option for you! Fun runs are often held to raise funds for a charity and take place frequently all over the country. To find one in a location near you, check out this “Find a Fun Run” map. 

5. Change Where You Shop 

Many businesses will donate a percentage of proceeds to a certain charity or even to an organization of your choice. Next time you have to run some errands, try out AmazonSmile or a similar business to give back at no cost to you. 

6. Register to Become an Organ Donor 

Being an organ donor is 100% free, super easy and can save so many lives. Once you pass away, you’ll no longer need your organs so giving them to someone who does is one of the most special gifts you can provide. According to, over 100,000 individuals are on the transplant waiting list and every 9 minutes another person is added to that list. If you want to change your donor status on your license, register with the National Donate Life Registry

2021 is the year to make the world a better place. Whether you have lots of disposable income or are on a tight budget, there are ways to give back and help those less fortunate while sticking to your budget. Click here to learn about how our financial services can help you! 


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