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Community Banking: Louisiana’s Growth Engine

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Community Banking: Louisiana’s Growth Engine

The Bank of Louisiana is proud to help bolster the residents and small businesses of Louisiana, MO. In such a beautiful and growing community, it is our mission to help our peers succeed in their commercial and personal financial goals. With the correct partnerships and resources, you can achieve anything! See how our bank is working to help you achieve your next goal through these daily operations:

Customer Appreciation

We not only want our customers to succeed in their financial endeavors, but to enjoy their journey as well! With detailed customer attention, our staff is ready to help with any questions you have! Curious how to best budget your household income? Want to know how much you should save for your child’s education? Consider our staff your neighborhood advisers in finance. We want to be your favorite financial friend whenever you have a question or financial concern! 

Decisions are Made In-House

Forget long lines and week long waiting times. At the Bank of Louisiana our priority is YOU. Our dedicated team will give you a decision on your proposal directly, no hoops to jump through, or tape to cross. Banking with us means that you don’t have to go through the exhausting trials of waiting on hold for a representative, or robot answering machine. Simply stop in, and we’ll answer your personal inquiry quickly and hassle-free.

We Invest in Our Community

A strong community means strong businesses, and we are excited to watch Louisiana continue to grow. Our dedicated business lenders love finding the perfect financing for your company’s vision. We don’t just lend though, we give back to our community too! Through countless hours of community service, and beloved area sponsorships, our compassionate employees work each day to make our community a better place. If you know of any great opportunities the bank can be a part of please let us know!

As a local community bank we are all about our customers and our community. We appreciate the town of Louisiana, MO with all of our hearts. If you’re looking for a bank that cares, look no further! We care about you, and want you to succeed in your next financial goal. Stop in today and learn how!



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