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10 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Home Blog 10 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

10 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Just like purchasing your home, selling it is a journey all its own. Whether you’re aiming to sell your home in one year or five, you can make a number of small changes that offer a big return on your home’s value. Try these key improvements and see the effect on your next home assessment.

1.       An eye-catching entrance. As the gateway into your home, your front door will set the tone for what’s within. Update your doorbell, paint the front door, and hang a seasonal wreath to tie it all together.

2.       Energy-efficient updates: Updating appliances, windows, and fixtures, to their energy-saving counterparts can set your home apart with the attractive promise of future value.  

3.       Low-maintenance landscaping: While flowers are eye-catching, shrubs and drought-resistant greenery make great visual impact with the promise of a hassle-free landscape.

4.       A thorough clean. A deep clean of carpets, curtains, and corners will make your home sparkle and create a positive first impression. Hiring a professional cleaning service may also help to remove hard-to-clean grime and overlooked areas.

5.       De-cluttered rooms. A fully furnished house doesn’t always feel open. Heavy curtains, overstuffed couches, and rooms devoid of sunlight can make buyers cautious of square footage. Rid the room of nothing but bare essentials and simplistic furniture to maximize the spaciousness of the interior.

6.       Extra mirrors. To double the feel of any room, strategically place mirrors to create an illusion of extra area.

7.       Small updates to big places. Kitchens and bathrooms are focal points in the selling process. Without the time and cost of a major remodel, you can complete small updates like new lighting, fresh paint, and modern accessories to add value to your home while on a budget.

8.       Revamped flooring: Thin or threadbare carpets can raise alarms for buyers as they visualize the daunting need to replace the tired flooring. As your budget allows, replace your home’s carpet beginning in high-traffic areas and working outwards.

9.       Modern lighting. Updating light fixtures helps to elevate your home’s design and gives any potential buyers a blank canvas to imagine their new home’s decor.

10.   A professional opinion. In under an hour, a trained interior designer can provide suggestions for small tweaks, such as furniture arrangement or paint color adjustments, which could increase your home’s value with limited investment.


While improvements are not a guarantee of improved value, they can make all the difference when attracting interested buyers. If you’d like some assistance in your home improvement financing, our lending officers at Bank of Louisiana would love to lend an ear. Give us a call, or stop by your nearest branch today.


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