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7 Personal Cybersecurity Tips

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7 Personal Cybersecurity Tips

Posted On: June 24, 2020 by Bank of Louisiana in: Cyber Security, General, Security

As time goes on and technology expands, people are becoming more and more prone to cybercriminal attacks. By following some basic tips, you could avoid a multitude of problems in the future!  1. Use Strong and Varying Passwords  This is probably the most obvious and common cybersecurity tip known to web users. Don’t underestimate the importance of your password strength! Change your password every once in a while to be safe (recommended at least once a year). Also, don’t use the same password for more than one account.  2. Be Careful With Your Personal Info  Personal information, like your address, birthday or phone number, should be posted carefully. The smartest option would just be to keep as much of that information off of your social media as possible. These personal details are used by cybercriminals