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4 Steps to Safeguard Your Security

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4 Steps to Safeguard Your Security

Posted On: September 20, 2017 by Bank of Louisiana in: Cyber Security

Who knew four little steps could be the difference between keeping your information secure and falling victim to cyber predators. With today’s current cybercrime tactics, you can never be too careful! We want to help ensure you and your finances stay safe, and offer these four strategic steps to boost your personal cyber security. Safeguard your passwords. Instead of desktop post-it notes, store your passwords somewhere secure like the LastPass app. Not only will apps like these help you remember which password to use for what, but because they’re all stored in one place, you can continue to make more complicated passwords to create an added layer of protection. Do NOT use public wifi when possible. While hot spot coffee shops may offer high-speed wifi to customers, never sign on until you have confirmation from a store employee that the business is genuinely offering the service. Many cyber criminals will prey on locations such as these to gain access to both your devices