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Habits of Financially Mature People

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Habits of Financially Mature People

Posted On: June 20, 2018 by Bank of Louisiana in: Personal Finance, Savings

If you take a look around, you may notice that a majority of people from a variety of income levels seem stressed about their finances. Seventy eight percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and debt is creeping up more and more every year. So what’s the secret for those who aren’t wealthy enough to be financially independent, but still manage to live the life they desire? We believe the difference is financial maturity and have collected top habits for you to integrate into your life. Educate Yourself: Financial Literacy Financially mature people take time to educate themselves about money. They realize money is a tool that they have efficacy with. Unfortunately, public schools aren’t preparing students to be financially literate. Set yourself apart by having a basic understanding of financial areas such as: investing, insurance, real estate, retirement and tax planning. Pay Yourself First: Save! Achieving financial stability means having enough